You Go Girl...But Only When You Want To! Bladder Health Handbook

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At last, a voice for the 20 million women who are ready to take control of their bladders, their bodies, and their lives. With a firm conviction that the pelvis is the "epicenter of a woman’s body" this book seeks to empower the lives of women by reclaiming their sexual, emotional, and physical health. Major life events such as pregnancy and menopause challenge women during day-to-day activities. Authors Lavender and Smith fight the stereotype that loss of bladder control is an obligatory life stage for women. By helping women take back the driver’s seat to Total Control™, "You Go Girl...But Only When You Want To" offers key tips, topics, and exercises that will right the wheel back to a healthy, passionate, excited you. Appropriate at any age, this is a must-read for all women who are concerned about having a healthy bladder and lifestyle.

This book compliments the medically based health and fitness program, "Total Control™: A Fitness and Pelvic Wellness Program for Women."

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