Be Fit. Be Strong. Be In Control!

The Total ControlĀ® Program is not just a pelvic strengthening program designed to improve bladder control. It's also a total body workout that provides other great benefits too! 

As a full-body strength and resistance workout, you'll be able to stay in shape and in control of your body. When you're in shape, you'll discover more energy and confidence (inside and outside the bedroom). By strengthening and toning the muscles of the Pelvic Pyramid (front, back, and floor), you'll also increase the blood flow to the genital area and thus increase both your sexual pleasure and health. Not to mention, you'll also sleep better through the night. What a combo!

Ready to take back control? Find a Total ControlĀ® class or instructor near you! 

Interesting in teaching? Find out about the Total ControlĀ® Instructor Training Program

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