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Pelvic Health: Overview of the importance and benefits of pelvic health

  • Bladder Health: Overview on incontinence, treatment and how the Total Control® can help.
  • Fitness: Explanation of the fitness and sexual benefits of the Total Control® Program
About the Program: Overview of the Total Control® Program

  • DVD: Details about the Total Control® Workout DVD including features and benefits
  • Classes: Details on Total Control™ classes for participants, instructor training, and facility licensing.
    • Participants: Class descriptions, locations, dates, and times.
    • Instructor Training: Provides instructions on how to become a certified trainer including registration requirements, class listings, dates, times and locations.
    • Facility Certification: Overview of how facility certification works

Community: Overview of how members can interact with one another

  • TC Forum: Includes terms of use and instructions on how to participate in the online community message board
  • Journal: Access to the Total Control® downloadable journal
  • Personal Stories: Written and video testimonials of Total Control® Program participants, trainers, and members of the medical community

Our Products (Shopping Cart Access): Overview of available products for purchase and shopping cart access

Resources: Overview of helpful reading material and other resources regarding women's health, bladder health, and fitness

  • Partners: Overview and website links to Total Control® Program partners/contributors
  • Helpful Links: Website links to useful sites regarding women's health, incontinence, fitness, etc.
  • News and Events: List or Calendar of Total Control®/WHF Upcoming Events, press releases, and news articles
  • FAQs: An archive of frequently asked questions and answers regarding online ordering, general questions regarding the program, and questions about pelvic health, bladder health, and fitness.
Contact Us: How to reach Total Control®

Privacy Policy: Statement regarding how your information is being collected and used
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